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Safety hose clamps | Tested safety
Tested safety
We place high standards of safety, quality, functionality and useful life on
all our products. Whether standard, conductive or stainless steel, all our products are subject to the same requirements regarding the safety of the connection.

UNEX safety hose clamps are tested by the Federal Institute for Material
Testing in Berlin (BAM) for perfect sealing of hose connections on pipe
sockets at gas a fluid pressures of 300 kg/cm² (= 300 bar or 4,400 psi).

All our models are available to you in a wide variety of dimensions and
tightening methods.

We even set high standards for our standard model. We thus use the
most extensively corrosion-resistant materials to satisfy your requirements.

Safety as standard!

Stainless steel
The model to satisfy the highest of product requirements with regard to the processing of aggressive media. For this product, we use only the tried and tested 1.4310 stainless steel and thereby set the standard for safety and
useful life.

Strong in the face of aggressive media!

By using a phosphor bronze band, we provide you with a product that is
electro conductive and antimagnetic. You are therefore in the position to
use the product as a clamp and a conductor at the same time, thereby reducing your costs as additional components can be omitted.

Particularly suited to electronic purposes!

 Safety hose clamps